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our story

Sheryl and Michelle

We're Sheryl and Michelle - two long-suffering females of the defective hair brigade. And although we're very quick to blame most of our problems on our unruly mops, it wouldn't be fair if we didn't at least give them some credit - because if we'd had silky, smooth locks to begins with, truth be told, we probably would never have met.

You see Sheryl is married to Neil – a phenomenally talented hairstylist, who has been in the hairdressing industry since 1992 and worked internationally with some of the top hairstylists in the industry. In 2006 Neil and Sheryl landed in Australia from London. Word on the street was that there was this hot new hairstylist in town. Michelle, as always was on the look out for anything and everything that could help her tame her wild mane and it didn't take her long to arrive on Neil's doorstep.

After a couple of years of religiously visiting Neil for her weekly blowout (and Neil's weekly arm workout) we discovered we had a lot more in common than just our unruly hair, and over the years became best of friends and business partners.

As they say, the rest is history.

And thankfully, our bad hair days too!


We get you! We get that your hair is your crowning glory and that it plays a major part in your feminine identity and style. No matter where you live, whether you're basking in the glory of a sunny climate like ours in Australia or waging your way through the icy snow of the north, we all speak the same language. Every woman's desire is to feel beautiful and confident. We get that sometimes your hair will let you down, we get how bad hair days have a negative effect on your emotions! We also get that awesome feeling of conquering the world when we have beautiful, healthy, glowing, sexy hair! We get you because we are just like you! We created bhave™ with the sole intention of honouring, elevating and empowering women. bhave™ not only offers you the best solutions to your hair woes but also delivers above and beyond all expectations – prepare to be wowed!

Yours in beautiful hair

Sheryl & Michelle xx



Glowing healthy hair is at the forefront of every product created for the bhave™ range. By carefully selecting active, functional working ingredients into our haircare collection, bhave™ will help repair and restore even the most damaged hair, improving and maintaining its condition. We strive to help women around the world achieve gorgeous, healthy head-turning hair.
bhave™ will never compromise on fad products that will destroy your hair in the long run. When your hair is healthy, styling is easy, your colour lasts longer, it feels better, grows faster, is more manageable and stronger and is more resistant to damage and less prone to frizz or flyaway's.
Our promise to you – Continuous innovation in providing high performance products that deliver on promise with truly remarkable results.

Yours in beautiful hair

Neil xx